CSinc Research Group

With the amazing support of the outreach programme from schools, and the uptake in teacher PD sessions, the CSinc team are conducting longitudinal research to improve the CSinc approaches.

Students and teachers have been participating in surveys (during outreach camps and teacher PD), where last year the team collected 2500 surveys. This is vital in the CSinc dvelopment. This research will inform the team on pedogicial development, content and activity development and perhaps most importantly will help the CSinc team reach and inform students, of what Computer Science really is, addressing streotypes and incorrect perceptions of the subject.

Below are some the publications from team members, while not all of it is directly related to CSinc, they are relevant to introductory computer science..
The research group spans three academic instituions. The group is always looking for new members, from PhD students to academic members. Please contact us for further details.

The Research Group:

Aidan Mooney - Maynooth University
Amanda O'Farrell - TU Dublin
Brett Becker - UCD
Eileen Costelloe - TU Dublin
Karen Nolan - TU Dublin
Keith Nolan - Maynooth University
Keith Quille - TU Dublin
Kevin Marshal - Microsoft Ireland
Roisin Faherty - TU Dublin
Susan Bergin - Maynooth University




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